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Healthcare is a smart job choice.

EARN A LIVING. A healthcare job is more than a job–it is a career. Careers in the health sector pay well and generally provide benefits, like health insurance and retirement plans. Most offer opportunities for additional training, advancement, and earnings potential.

ENJOY A STABLE CAREER IN SOUTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. Healthcare is in demand. Right now, there are over 960 healthcare job vacancies in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The number of healthcare jobs in the region is expected to grow over the next 10 years. That means local job security.

GET SKILLS YOU CAN USE ANYWHERE–IF YOU CHOOSE. The growth of the healthcare job market is happening nationally. Healthcare jobs are easily transferable among other healthcare facilities, cities and states. So, no matter where you move, you'll always be able to work in healthcare.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. As a healthcare professional, you'll have a direct and positive impact on the health and well–being of people in your community. Healthcare is a field that offers tremendous job satisfaction.

There are more than 250 different kinds of healthcare jobs. Healthcare is a booming business all over Southwestern Pennsylvania. From nuclear medicine technologists to health information technicians, from nursing assistants, to radiologic technologists–there are many healthcare and social assistance jobs in this region–more than 135,200 according to state information.

People with diverse educational and professional experiences and interests can find the right career in healthcare. Some of these jobs require more schooling–one to four years–depending on current experience.

Today's healthcare industry offers many career options with ample room for advancement or change in specialty.

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