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About Health Careers Toolkit


The healthcare industry is one of the largest employers in our region and offers a wide variety of careers. To inform and empower current and potential job seekers to enter the growing healthcare industry, Health Careers Futures created the Health Careers Toolkit.

The Toolkit focuses on diverse, high-demand fields that require a broad range of interest and skills. The Toolkit provides easy-to-use information on career awareness, literacy, and job preparedness both in hard copy and electronically.

This information includes:

  • practical and personal testimonials on the day-to-day work in those careers
  • maps of career pathways, training requirements and opportunities for advancement; and
  • highlights on how to pursue such careers, including directories of local training, job placement and healthcare employers.

Please use and integrate Toolkit information into your existing education and career awareness initiatives to provide comprehensive career literacy and clarification of how to access and navigate the healthcare workforce system.

Need a Health Career Toolkit?
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Note: The Health Careers Toolkit is available in electronic and paper (binder) form.

How to use our Toolkit?
We offer a tutorial to assist you, download now.

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